GIRONA AIRPORT is the closest (45 minutes drive) which is very well serviced by low cost airline Ryanair There are regular buses covering the short ride from the airport to the Girona bus station (Estacio bus) and from there almost every hour (normally 15 minutes past the hour) there is a bus directly to L'Estartit. Girona bus station to L'Estartit is a one hour journey. Click on the following link for the precise bus times between Girona bus Station and L'Estartit:'Estartit-Girona.pdf Ask the bus driver to drop you off at Lidl supermarket on the way into L'Estartit and from there it is a few minutes walk to the Villa Catalan.
A taxi can be arranged directly with local English speaking taxi company.   The costs for this are:
75 Euros for 4 seater 85 Euros for 5 seater and 100 Euros for 8 seater
Other useful links for Girona airport: Girona airport information
Bus times between Barcelona and Girona airports
There are direct bus transfers between Barcelona city centre and Girona airport

BARCELONA AIRPORT is very well serviced with flights from all over the world and especially Easyjet. From Barcelona airport you can take a train changing just once directly to Flaca which is just a 15 minute taxi ride from L'Estartit.
A taxi can be arranged directly with local English speaking taxi company. The costs for this are:
195 Euros for 4 seater. 200 Euros for 5 seater and 210 Euros for 8 seater.

  There is a regular train from Barcelona airport to the centre of Barcelona and then connecting train to Flaca which is a 20 minute taxi ride to the Villa. There are normally some local taxis at the station and the fare to the Villa should be around 20 Euros. Probably the best way by train from Barcelona airport with one change the in Barcelona centre is to get off the train at Girona central station which is adjacent to the Girona bus station. There is a freuqnet faster train service between Barcelona andd Girona. From there you can take the Girona to Estartit bus: click here
Click here for train information:

The resort of L'Estartit is only an hour from the main border crossing on the Perpignan - Barcelona motorway. Take the 1st Figueres turn off and then follow signs to Girona on state road N11. You'll have Figueres on the right hand side. Take the turn off marked L'Escala. Follow signs to L'Escala and Torroella de Montgri. (Ignore a turn off to Torroella de Fluvia... That's a different Torroella!) Eventually you see Torroella de Montgri and L'Escala signposted in separate directions. Continue straight ahead following Torroella de Montgri. There will be a left turn further on marked again Torroella de Montgri and you'll finally drive through Torroella de Montgri and arrive at L'Estartit. Entering L'Estartit you'll cross a roundabout with GP supermarket on the left hand side. Continue straight on and take the next left which has a very small sign on the left hand side saying "Mas Figueres" It is an unmadeup road and the first right is our road "Cami Vell" which is a popular local biking and hiking track.
(If you miss this small turn off you'll see a Lidl supermarket on the right hand side and this will mean you have gone to far)
Villa Catalan is third house on the right with two separate entrance gates, numbers 14 - 16 written on the wall and a "Villa Catalan" sign on the wall of the house.

There are a number of major car hire firms available in Girona airport and that is an excellent option. There is good in house parking at Villa Catalan. Obviously it is best to book on line well in advance to obtain the best prices.


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